Sophie Buxton

Dream Apocalypse
Middlesborough Art Weekender North East Open Call application   

Dream Apocalypse is an ongoing series of images which bring together my hopes and fears around the climate emergency.

The project grew from a micro-residency at the Self Publishing Lab and Priestman Gallery at Sunderland University in March 2023 where I examined the overlap between events and issues relating to the climate emergency and my nightly dreams, which I remember and record regularly.

The material generated is a heap-resource to work from, allowing for multiple iterations of montages to emerge in different formats and contexts; juxtapositions of facts, fictions and materials which explore the immeasurable nature of the climate emergency and how I situate myself within it.

Dream Apocalypse looks at the constantly shifting measure of this position through a process of drawing, printing, layering, copying, painting, collating montages and collections of images, through which I hope to draw out further conversations and collaborations.

Images shown are on a mix of papers, media include etching, digital print, risoprint, drawing, paint, all displayed on a wall 3 x 3m.