Sophie Buxton

Dream Apocalypse

Micro-residency at the Self Publishing Lab & Priestman Gallery
Sunderland University, March 2023.

 Dream Apocalypse is a container for my hopes and fears of living through the climate crisis, and a ground in which I created new montages of materials, facts and fictions, using riso. Through a  process of layering and collation, combining colour, text and drawing I quickly built up images which suggest a sense of dislocation but also hope. 
I used my work to create open discursive spaces for students within the lab and gallery, to share ideas of what it means to be living at a time of climate crisis, and explore their relationships to it.   

These images were made  in a collaborative session with students at ‚Äčthe Print Club.  

Many thanks to the staff at Sunderland University Fine Art department for hosting this residency, and to the students who took part in Dream Apocalypse.