is it possible to be an artist and not to be an activist? In 2018 my children started to join global strikes to raise awareness about the climate crisis, and I supported them, helping to make banners, organise, promote their actions. People listened to them; after all its their future they were talking about. The climate emergency, biodiversity, humans’ effect on the planet climbed into further into public consciousness. Extinction Rebellion and other groups raised the pressure and even politicians appeared to listen. The Climate Change Act was passed in the UK in 2020, committing the UK government to reducing carbon dioxide emissions to net zero by 2050

When the covid pandemic hit we wanted to continue to keep the conversations going and raise awareness alongside young people. We started making Zines with North Tyneside Climate Strike, collaborating with members of the group to share their issues of concern. The lo-fi publications are available online to download as a PDF here and were published as a small A5 edition