Sophie Buxton

mouth ruin
In October 2023 I returned to Sunderland University as an AA2A* residency artist, to develop Dream Apocalypse, working in the print room and riso lab. I continued to gather material related to my activist activity and the climate emergency and to layer, copy and fold these in together with the dream stuff.

From the heap - riso prints, etchings, paintings, photocopies, drawings, digital prints - I made a series of booklets, mouth ruin. The name for this collection emerged from two dreams, both terrifying in their way and not explicitly but perhaps tangentially climate related.  The booklets are an ongoing montage of the collection of material,and I continue to work back into the pages.

This work was displayed at the Priestman Gallery in ACCESS, a show with all the Sunderland AA2A artists in March 2024.  More information and images about the show here: Sophie's instagram